Thursday, December 24, 2009

Your First Photo Shoot..

As we strolled with you at One Utama, suddenly daddy gave me a crazy suggestion, if we try to have some photo shoot for you. Soon after that, we saw a shop named "The Picture Company", apparently they do capture photo for babies. Without thinking twice, we went into the shop and had a few snaps for you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your First Eid

This picture was taken during Eid 2009. At that time, your second cousin Nadine came to our house. Both of you looked so cute.

Snap Photo

Your picture with Auntie Nisa and Uncle Juan.. They came late at night just to see you.

Bathing Time.

As for now, being an eight month old baby, guess what you enjoy the most? Bathing!
Everytime you bathe, the toilet floor became wet. Because you like to splash water to mommy and daddy.
Everytime you see your bath tub, you will show the wide-eyed smile in your face. You will shout in the toilet in your baby language (how I wish I can understand it). Whenever I sing you any song, you will laugh hard as if you enjoy the song!

Our Cutest Smile

According to some experts, by 8 months the baby should be able to crawl. You're already 8 months but still you are trying to crawl. Whenever I want you to crawl, you will roll over again into the"lying position". I guess over time, you will eventually learn to crawl.
Mommy loves to see you smile.
You are the bundle of our Joy!

KL Aquaria

One day, we brought you to KL Aquaria. It was actually daddy's idea. He wanted to bring you to the zoo at first, but we changed plan because mommy thought that the day was very hot. Knowing that you don't like hot places.
See how daddy loves you, he always wanted to bring you to places that you enjoy. So if now you ever feel unhappy with us, when you grow up, just know that we loved you very much and always wanted you to be happy.

Your First Party

I'm sorry for uploading this blurry image. Daddy is so particular of that. But what I like about this picture is that you looked really cute.
For your info, this pic was taken during your Nek Yang's Birthhday Bash in Holiday Villa, Subang.

Playing with Baby Aariz

This is you, me, Aunty Abby and Aariz playing together..

Daniel in the Car

Everytime you saw me holding the car keys. u became excited. Inside the car, you will be playful and start to grab any toys within your reach. Just look at you.. :)

Happy Picture

See how happy you were. That is mommy sitting with you in our room. At this time we are still staying at Nanny's house. We have not moved to our home yet. I used to hug (n kiss) you everyday. Do you know that after giving birth to you, mommy didn't work for almost a year?

Shah's Village Poolside

Look at you, sitting in the baby high chair, this picture was taken at Shah Village Resort in Melaka. Cute.

Daniel's First Vacation

Hi Daniel, just for your info, this is your first vacation with mommy and daddy. Look at you, you were still a baby, around 4 1/2 months, if I were not mistaken. Daddy asked me to take this picture with him. This was at Shah's Beach Resort in Melaka.
At this moment I just fed you some milk and baby rice. Just for your info, this was the first time your Wan and Auntie Susan ever fed food for you.
You seemed to love food so much at this time, no wonder you look like a very chubby-n-happy baby.